The Coloring Books

Art Therapy Works !

In the world we live in we are taught to seek what we desire externally. The coloring books challenge each individual to look within and discover our own possibilities. When coloring you are encouraged relax, clear your mind and explore where your imagination can take you.

On this exploration you might fall in love with a new color, or a cute pattern.

With any type of therapy it is important to feel and confront your emotions.

Even in something as playful as a coloring book your mind is given choices.

The simple choice between yellow or black will change the entire composition.

Even if you color in the same image with the same box of crayons the narrative is different.

When you compare your artwork to a friend or family member you might find similarities but you will also find differences.

These differences should be celebrated!

Art is powerful. Art is an external view of how we see and feel on the inside.

A direct reflection of our visions. Looking at art is truly looking into someone’s mind.

Discovering that your favorite color is now blue is enlightening.

Excersize your mind!

Feed your soul with nourishment and spend a little time away from the news feeds and timelines.

THE COLORING BOOKS strive to take our culture & current social climate experience and make it positive.

An interactive learning curve from the imagination of Manda Pandie!

Manda Pandie created the characters Juice and Genesis to guide us on our journeys!

Juice is a free spirit and Genesis is more book smart.

They are yin and yang.

They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Their goal is to tell the world about coloring therapy and how important it is to love yourself and know yourself first.

Juice & Genesis are drawn out of the imagination and inspired by the conscience of artist Manda Pandie.

Juice & Gen graciously give love out like two fairy God parents.

So if your ever feeling down, look up and Juice and Genesis might be there telling you to create! Reminding you that you are alive and any thing you do today matters and you are one step closer to zen.

Color with us!